Pre-Departure Thoughts

I leave tomorrow for The Philippines to work at the Food and Nutrition Research Institute in Manila. I’m not even close to being done packing, and a long day (and night, and day again) of travel awaits tomorrow. Seeing as this is my first trip out of the country (not counting a day spent in Canada when I was 11), I think I would be forgiven a sense of mild panic. The panic is there, to be sure, but there’s a larger sense of anticipation as well. I don’t know what I’m going to learn the next two months or how it will change me, but I know that I will learn many things and come back changed. That sense of the unknown is both scary and exciting, but hearing the stories of my friends who were past interns, and looking at the blogs of those who went last year have definitely increased my excitement. Their experiences show a sense of accomplishment and of doing good in a new and challenging place, and of returning glad of the opportunity they were given. With this in mind, I’m ready for whatever comes next!


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