This past week was relatively quiet at the office. One day was BREAK, or Bringing in Resources for Employees Agenda on Kalusugan. This event was a chance for employees of FNRI to get together and show off what they are doing. This way, all employees can be aware of what all the other parts of FNRI are doing. After the seminars, we had a Pinggang Pinoy inspired meal. Pinggang Pinoy is much like MyPlate in the US, and translates to Pinoy Plate (Pinoy is another word for Filipino). The meal served consisted of fried milkfish (the national fish), cooked kamote tops (the leaves of sweet potato cooked a bit like spinach), rice, and a banana. This meal included all the principal food groups of the Pinggang Pinoy: Go food(rice) Grow food(fish) and Glow food (kamote and banana). I was also invited to a going-away party for two other FNRI employees, Jadel and Melvin. I was very happy to be invited and it was quite the experience. There was some singing from another coworker named Albert for opening and closing the ceremony (Albert is a very good singer) and pizza, pancit bihon, and ice cream. After eating, Jadel and Melvin’s fellow coworkers each took turns giving little speeches to those leaving, drawing the comments at random from a jar. It was a sweet party, and I am glad that Randi and I were invited. I am constantly surprised by how much my coworkers work to make me feel welcome and a part of the FNRI family. This past weekend we travelled to Puerto Galera, and the place we stayed at had a very quiet private cove. We snorkeled one day (and fed the fish!) and kayaked across the bay on the second day.

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