The Crowne Plaza and Corregidor

This past week was more exciting, due to several days at the FNRI Annual Seminar Series at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Manila. Visitors from all over the Philippines and even beyond came to see a series of seminars on FNRI’s food and nutrition research from the past year. I had seen the content of most of the speeches before, as I have at least skimmed most of the papers they are presenting on at some point in my work here in FNRI. Seeing the presentations was a bit of a different perspective, however, so I was glad to have the chance to attend and see how the research and development is disseminated to others. The Seminar Series lasted for three days, with a variety of different seminars taking place in multiple ballrooms. The seminars had a lot of variety. In one, they debuted services of iFNRI, a web branch of FNRI services. In another, there was research presented on the genetic factors involved in the prevalence of bone fractures.

This past weekend we went to Corregidor Island, an important historical location, especially during WWII. Corregidor was the last stronghold held by the US forces in the Philippines after the Japanese invaded, and it was the last stronghold held by the Japanese after the US forces returned. It is the last place MacArthur was in the Philippines before escaping to Australia during the Japanese invasion, though he made his famous “I shall return” statement in Australia. Most of the bombed barracks and buildings have been preserved from WWII and it was an eerie but beautiful place.


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