Post Pre-Testing

This week was quite busy, overall. For the first two days, we attended teacher training sessions for the modules that we had pretested earlier. Both schools were in Laguna, and Kate and I also were expected to give a short presentation of our impressions of the pretesting. After the program (and our speeches), we went with a group of teachers that were not trained in teaching nutrition to play a game with them while the other teachers trained in something specific. The game was called the cabbage game (I think?) and consisted a bunch of crumpled up green papers rolled into a ball (the cabbage) with questions written on each. Everybody who is playing gathers in a circle and passes the cabbage while music plays. The person holding it when the music stops has to take off the outermost “leaf” and answer the question within. Kate and I had written the questions, related to Nutrition Month. If the page was blank,  the person had to perform a consequence, which is either reciting a poem, singing a song, of doing a dance. It was fun playing the game with all the teachers, and many of them wanted pictures with us at the end.

For the last three days of this week we were in Tuguegarao, a city in the north, for a Nutricomnet Media Forum. Through Nutricomnet, FNRI collaborates with other DOST, media, and private enterprises to disseminate nutritional knowledge and technologies to the various regions around the Philippines. This particular media forum was for Region 2, or Cagayan Valley, where we were. While we were there, we also visited Calau Cave, a beautiful place with a chapel built inside. It was quite a busy week!

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